Mad & Impossible
Scared? Who's scared?

Oi! Well, my name is Amy Pond. Got stuck in a pocket universe somehow. No idea how that happened. It's a bit troubling, but I'm sure the Doctor will... fix this. Somehow. But I'm not just gonna sit around and wait for that to happen. Gotta do something, ai?                           


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You’ll be my best friend if you bring me chips.


Sorry, don’t have any chips right now. Tell you what though - I’ll be swinging by the store tomorrow and I’ll check if they’ve got some for you? 

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Why the hell didn’t anyone tell me sooner? Better yet, how can I watch it?


Honestly, I expected more from that show. Been watching it a bit on and off for years now, and the ending still didn’t feel quite… right. Bit disappointed, really.



Note to self, next time I decide to marathon a series, I should set an alarm to warn me when the third day has passed. 


Don’t think all of the blood has started getting to my legs yet after sitting on them for so long. 

Blimey, I have to get up to grab something to eat after two or three episodes. But I suppose pressing the pause button isn’t a very demonic thing to do, sorry.


God, I grew up in London and I thought that, at the very least, this place would be a break from the piss constantly falling out of the sky.


Agreed! Least the pocket could do, hm? Serve us some proper sunshine…. but no! Instead it’s raining cats and dogs.

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Originally in my Fire Station,  but in I think they are considered medicinal, I think. Fan of sweets, I take it? 


Oh yes! Not the medicinal kind though. Dunno, but they aren’t usually as good as the ones without a proper purpose. 


But it certainly does the trick. 


'Ello, mates, how's your…. Friday is it?

So we’re doing the drinking thing again, I take it?



These things are great. Sadly addicting and full of vitamin C.


They’re not as good as gum, mind you, but they give it a dash for it’s money. 


That wasn’t exactly straightforward. Where did you find ‘em? Did I miss a memo?



Let’s have dinner.


Dinner? Blimey, I’d love that. 

Safe & Sound
Taylor Swift  -  Single 2011
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safe & sound // taylor swift feat. the civil wars

Just close your eyes
The sun is going down
You’ll be alright
No one can hurt you now

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